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Step into the darkness

Life (the beginning...)
A rosy smile on the newborn childs face. The whole world is painted in pink.
It knows no hate and greed.
So all roads are open, it can choose each path, it just has to reach out.
Soon it will learn and with time, more and more roads disappear,
but right now the sun just starts to rise.
It's up to you how long it is to shine over your life...
(Thomasso, "Everything Falls Apart", 1986)

Although this intro is written in english,
(nearly) all further stuff is in german.
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(House Rules, Insight, Short Stories, Downloads, Errata,
P&P, Chat, Reclamation, LARP etc.)

(script for a Wraith/Gypsies Cross-Over)

Werewolf Kinfolk
(informations about the german 'Locksmith' section)



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